What to look for when buying an electric toothbrush

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An electric toothbrush is a successful technological advancement for improving oral hygiene. If you are thinking of buying an electric toothbrush, you should consider certain features that will be discussed here…

The electric toothbrush help improves oral hygiene. It makes brushing effortless and helps to respect the correct washing times. Compared to the traditional manual model, it is powered by a rechargeable battery.

 It comprises three elements which are a charging base, a handle (where the operating buttons are located), and removable and interchangeable heads. If you are oriented toward buying an electric toothbrush but do not know the criteria for choosing the one that best suits your needs. Here is what you should look out for.

What to look for when buying an electric toothbrush

· The movement

 The electric toothbrush can move differently. You need to check the movement to know the one that suits you the best. Some of the movements are:

 Rotating or oscillating: they simulate the rotating movement with which you brush your teeth manually. The rotating one always turns in the same direction. The oscillating one changes the direction of rotation.

 Button: some rotating or oscillating brushes may additionally have a back and forth motion to aid in the removal of plaque. 

 Sonic: the toothbrush vibrates very quickly to remove plaque. It can be a bit annoying as it produces a noise sensation in the mouth. 

· The heads

When purchasing an electric toothbrush, it is essential to know which electric toothbrush head is supplied to you. Most times, the heads are more than one. Check from the characteristics if it is the most suitable for you. 

When it comes to replacing it, you may be tempted to buy a toothbrush with a different model. Remember that not all electric toothbrushes support every type of head. The basic models only support a limited number.

There are many models and all with different characteristics. Here are the most common head types:

Base. It is the most common head. It is sold individually and in packs with handles. It is made of medium bristles, less thin than the sensitive ones and less hard and compact than the whitening ones. They are generally good, and the price is lower.

Sensitive. The bristles are soft, thin, and rounded; they are indicated for those with sensitive teeth and inflamed gums. However, their delicacy is paid for in terms of plaque reduction. The results are average or, in some cases good.

Whiteners. They have compact bristles with silicone parts for an abrasive effect on surface stains. They do have the best results. They are not suitable for everyone or continuous use because they are more aggressive.

· Timer

You also need to check the timer. The timer is an essential accessory for an electric toothbrush. It is connected to a vibration or a sound signal depending on the type. You are alerted every 30 seconds so that the dental arch is changed. The timer also ensures that after a total of 2 minutes, the optimal cleaning time has been reached.

· Spare parts

The electric toothbrush you choose must have the spare parts readily available. The heads must be changed regularly to ensure effective and thorough cleaning as well as maximum hygiene. The dentists’ recommendation is to change the electric toothbrush heads every three months, just like the manual toothbrush. Therefore, the heads should be replaced four times. Some devices also signal when the model has arrived to change the head. When getting the spare parts, you should remember that not all electric toothbrushes support every head type.

· Applications connectivity

You should also lookout for the ability to connect to a phone or computer. Many electric toothbrushes are now connected. They are equipped with a Bluetooth connection to communicate with an app to be downloaded on the smartphone. This allows them to offer new functions to improve oral hygiene by involving the user. For example, some applications give the ability to monitor in real-time how you brush your teeth. You can keep track of the brushing time, its distribution in the arch’s various parts, and the pressure exerted.

· Accessories

An electric toothbrush should have basic accessories. These include a non-slip handle, a timer, a pressure sensor, and colored rings. A non-slip handle makes it comfortable to hold and handle even with wet hands. The timer gives a beep or a vibration signal at the end of the 2 minutes, minimum brushing time. The 30-second timer signals when to change the face of the mouth. The pressure sensor indicates if you are using excessive force on the teeth. Colored rings are used to identify the different heads in case of shared use.

· Battery

When you buy an electric toothbrush, you should know that the battery life varies depending on the model. The minimum is usually five days straight, using it two times a day while taking about 12 hours to recharge. Unfortunately, those powered by Ni-Mh batteries do not guarantee the same performance forever. After a couple of years, it is easy to see a drop in performance. The only thing to know is that those of the most advanced products have greater power. 

Before buying, it is important to check if any LEDs indicate the state of charge. You should avoid picking up a toothbrush that is practically discharged and usable only after 12 hours. 

Beyond this, then evaluate the size of the base. If you often travel, it is good that it is not too bulky, if instead, you have more heads in the family, choose a model that has accommodation for these. A battery with a small charging base is good for those who want to take it on the road. You will need a large one with a hygienic case for those with multiple heads if it is to be used by a family.

· The performance

As anticipated, the minimum oscillations are 7,600 per minute. Some toothbrushes can only make these numbers pale in front of their values. You need to check the speed of the oscillations and the number of pulsations. All these characteristics should be reviewed before buying. 


Therefore, remember that you should buy a toothbrush with the right electric toothbrush head for you, and also, you have to be sure the timer function indicates the passage of 30 seconds. An electric toothbrush with all these features will ensure you get thorough oral cleaning every day.


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