Astonishing Facts About Electric Toothbrushes That You Should Know

Are you wondering where your electric toothbrush first came from? Do you enjoy using your electric toothbrush but are unsure if it is worthwhile to buy one? In reality, it’s tough to have a home without even a toothbrush. 

Toothbrushes are the most commonly used oral hygiene item and are found in almost every modern home. Common household items like this are often misunderstood. The majority of toothbrush users have no clue where their toothbrushes originate from. 

Or what they’re made of, or what happens to them after they’re no longer in use. Well, worry no more! Below is some fascinating toothbrush information that may surprise you.

Some of them might somehow be familiar to you, while others are not. Without further ado, here it is below.

There were no rechargeable batteries in the original electronic toothbrush. 

As mentioned earlier, most modern electric toothbrushes feature rechargeable batteries. This allows you to use them without having to plug them in. You must connect it to a wall outlet.

An electric toothbrush is ideal for those with dexterity issues. 

Using it will take you very little effort but provide excellent results. If you have arthritis, using an electric toothbrush is more convenient. Bear in mind that electric toothbrushes are more expensive than normal toothbrushes. But take note: they’re worth your money.

Some electric toothbrushes include Bluetooth functionality. 

This is an innovation made possible by technology. If you’re using a Bluetooth toothbrush, your data is transferrable to another app. It will allow you to see how much pressure you used while brushing and for how long you cleaned your teeth. 

This is specially designed to track the development of excellent brushing habits. Some people may not find a Bluetooth-equipped toothbrush beneficial, but many others do.

Electric toothbrushes are more effective in reducing plaque accumulation. 

Not only that, but it can also help you lower your risk of periodontitis compared to a regular toothbrush. A 2003 study looked into electric toothbrushes before. And they found out that using them resulted in fewer cases of gingivitis. 

Also, it helps reduce plaque accumulation. So, always see to it that you wash and brush your teeth regularly.

Despite many manufacturers’ appearing nowadays, electric toothbrushes have two main types. 

These are sonic and electric, which each have their own set of advantages. Even if the toothbrushes are in the same class, remember that some are better than others. In addition, electric toothbrushes are meant to mimic hand motions. 

This means that they perform the majority of the work for you. It can rotate at speeds ranging from 3000 to 7,500 per minute. Imagine that it is impossible to achieve with manual brushing. 

On electric ones, the bristle will also head back and forth or spin. This is why electric brushes are known for their quick motion. This is the main reason why they are so efficient for plaque removal.

The pressure sensor is featured on certain electric toothbrushes. 

This is a useful feature since it prevents you from brushing your teeth under too much pressure. Your enamel, as well as your gums, may be harmed if you brush too hard and violently. Sensors on most electric toothbrushes will generate a sound to notify you if you are brushing too hard. 

While others will stop the bristles from moving. If you do decide to use an electric toothbrush, look for one with a pressure sensor. This will help you avoid damaging your gums and teeth.

Electric toothbrushes are much quicker than ordinary toothbrushes.

To keep things in context, if you clean your teeth manually, you can give between 250 and 350 strokes per minute. This indicates that if you wash your teeth for 2 minutes, you won’t be able to clean them with much more than 700 strokes. This is why electric toothbrushes are more efficient at cleaning your teeth. This is due to the speed with which they provide strokes.

The first toothbrush came to the United States in the 1960s. 

Although, the original one was created in Switzerland. Philippe Guy Woog, a doctor, was the one who came up with the idea. His toothbrushes were originally made in Switzerland and then in France for the business Broxo SA. 

This explains why the first was called Broxodent. When it came to America, the electric toothbrush was still branded “Broxodent.” But Squibb was the company that sold it. 

Even so, many more companies have evolved throughout time. There are now dozens of brands that manufacture and market electric toothbrushes. Not only that, but the gadgets have advanced in terms of functionality as well. It has a compact design, high-quality bristles, and rechargeable batteries.

Your toothbrush has the potential to save your life. 

Cleaning your teeth can help you avoid gum disease. And not only that, it can reduce bacteria build-up in your mouth. And be aware that those bacteria can raise your risk of heart disease, arthritis, and pneumonia. 

Moreover, brushing your teeth 3 times per day for 2 minutes each time can burn around 3,500 calories in a year. This implies that you could lose a kilo by simply brushing your teeth regularly.

As mentioned above, there are several interesting facts concerning electric toothbrushes. Some of them might be things you aren’t aware of. But, hopefully, they’re worth your time. 

Remember, electric toothbrushes are more effective than ordinary toothbrushes. Especially when cleaning and brushing your teeth. If you want to have the benefits of an electric toothbrush, buy one now! 

It will surely surprise your dentist. And a gentle reminder, to always discuss better oral hygiene with your dentist. Have a great day!

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