Unique Uses Of Toothpaste

There are various uses of toothpaste than regular teeth-cleaning and other dental purposes. While toothpaste is very important for our oral health and it is an intrinsic part of maintaining our daily hygiene, it also has many other uses in our daily life. Have you ever thought about what paste could also be used for? You would be surprised to know how useful toothpaste is and the ways in which it can make your life easier.

Toothpaste can be used for multiple other reasons apart from brushing. In fact, a lot of our minor everyday issues would be solved if only we knew how to use paste effectively. Some of these hacks are so incredible that you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about them before.

On Scratched CD Or DVD

CDs are almost obsolete in today’s world of downloads and pen drives. But if you are old-school at heart, and you have a couple of classic old movies whose feel only comes from a DVD player. Or maybe you are a gamer who can’t seem to move on from an old PC video game. In these cases, a scratched CD could cause a problem. Take some toothpaste on a clean cloth and gently scrub the CD. It’s gonna be as good as new.

Rescuing White Shoes

White sneakers and trainers are a good fashion statement as long as they are white. A couple of trips outside can change your statement into a disaster pretty quickly. When you get dirt on the white rubbery soul, worry not. Directly apply toothpaste to the stained region and scrub thoroughly. Rinse well to reveal the true white color of shoes!

Cleaning Bathroom Sinks 

Bathroom sinks can get tricky while cleaning. Take a big portion of toothpaste and put it directly in the sink. Next, grab a sponge or a cleaning brush and scrub hard. The toothpaste acts like a bathroom cleaner and a deodorant at the same time. The abrasive nature of the toothpaste gets rid of the spots while smelling fresh at the same time.

Cleaning  Keyboards 

This works if you have a white keyboard. Apple users can fully take advantage of this hack. Due to continuous use, the keyboards of your laptop can get messy after some time. To get rid of the grime, disconnect your keyboard and buff it gently with a soft cloth and toothpaste. The chances are your keyboard will shine and look brand new.

Cleaning Your Piano Keys

The best thing here is that toothpaste can be used on both ivory and plastic keys when it comes to your piano. Over a long period of use, the piano keys can get grimy and mucky. Cleaning piano keys becomes a lot easier with toothpaste. Take a blob of paste on a wet brush and scrub the surface of the keys. Once done, take a soft cloth to wipe the foam clean. The bright, new-looking keys are bound to make your practice sessions smoother.

Cleaning And Making Silver Jewellery Sparkling 

This is probably one of the most used of all hacks, toothpaste can cut your jewelry cleaning costs. Take a small blob of paste on a wet brush and scrub your silver ornaments clean. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe them after scrubbing. This removes the foam and makes them shine.

Cleaning Your Iron 

Spots and dirt on your iron stains clothes. The effectiveness of iron is also greatly reduced. Gel toothpaste is your savior in this situation. They are mild abrasives that can even out the surface of a worn-out iron. Take some toothpaste and apply it evenly to the surface. Take a clean cloth and scrub off the iron for a smoother and cleaner iron.

Cleaning Your Headlights 

The highlights of our cars are pretty exposed to the dirt and grit of the road. Though we don’t realize this often, our headlights require cleaning. Take some paste on a towel or a thick napkin and wipe your headlights. The difference is sure to surprise you.

Removing Crayon And Permanent Marker Marks

Being a parent means constantly telling your kids to not paint on the walls. But you really can’t stop your little Picasso. So here’s a life-changing hack. Take some toothpaste ( colorless ) and put it directly on the stained wall. Scrub it off with some paper towels or a rag and marks will get much much lighter, if not gone completely.

For Treating Pimples And Spots  

This might seem like an urban legend but toothpaste can work beautifully when it comes to bumps and pimples. Take a small portion of paste, not the gel kind, and apply it directly over the pimple. You can leave it on overnight or till it dries up and then wash it off. Paste reduces the inflammation and helps the pimple to dry up faster.

For Treating Minor Burns 

Toothpaste can induce a cooling effect. Thus if you get a small burn or if you nick your hand with the iron, toothpaste is the go-to option. First, wash the area and then apply a small portion of paste. The soreness from the burn gets reduced almost instantly.

Removing Nail Polish And Varnish Stains

Nail polish stains are very difficult to get rid of and sometimes the nail polish might leave a stain that doesn’t go easily. Apply a little bit of whitening toothpaste and you can see the difference for yourself. After letting the toothpaste dry off on the nails, wipe them clean or rinse them off and you’ll get a smoother look.


There are many more such awesome uses of toothpaste that will leave you amazed. You can use them to get relief from bug bites and sores. Toothpaste can also be used to remove the strong smell of food from your hands and even chewing gum from your hair. Toothpaste can be a huge lifesaver in many tricky situations. If you weren’t sure about using toothpaste for other purposes apart from brushing, now you know!

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