Can cheap electric toothbrushes work ?

Electric toothbrushes vary in price. From tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. The same is an electric toothbrush, can cheap electric toothbrushes work? As a blogger who has used more than a dozen electric toothbrushes and has devoted himself to the evaluation of electric toothbrushes for many years. Through a series of actual measurements, I will answer this question in detail, and the three major hazards of cheap electric toothbrushes that most people ignore!

I believe that when most people buy electric toothbrushes, they often value the “price-performance ratio” and the quality of publicity, and even believe that “cheap is good.” Therefore, they often focus on products with lower prices for the first time. Listening to the shopping guides in the physical store rushing to recommend products or looking at the merchant’s exquisite promotional pictures and full pages of praise when shopping online, I naturally feel satisfied and can’t wait to buy. But after using it for some time, I found that the effect was not so good, and even the oral condition became worse!

2. Three major hazards that 90% of people ignore!

Can cheap electric toothbrushes work? Big data shows that with the increasing popularity of electric toothbrushes, many people are still using cheap electric toothbrushes. To make everyone more vigilant and stay away from the hazards of tooth injury, let me give you a popular science on the three major hazards of cheap electric toothbrushes.

1. The hollow motor is used, causing the vibration frequency to fluctuate quickly and slowly

Because of the low cost of cheap electric toothbrushes, the high-cost magnetic levitation motors are not chosen. On the contrary, most of them use hollow motors. The hollow motor has many defects, which causes such cheap electric toothbrushes to vibrate rapidly and slowly, often causing bleeding gums and sore teeth.

2. The bristles are not only inferior in quality, but more seriously, the rounding rate is very low

The rounding rate of the bristles is extremely important. The rounding rate of the bristles refers to the degree of rounding of the bristles contacting the tips of the teeth. The rounding rate has a great influence on the teeth and gums. The higher the rounding rate, the less harmful to the teeth. The bristles of cheap electric toothbrushes are made of nylon with a very low rounding rate and a hard material, which can cause great damage to the teeth and gums. After long-term use, there may even be begums and teeth that are sensitive and sore.

3. Not only is the tooth brushing experience poor, but also has hidden chronic tooth injury hazards

The shortcomings mentioned above are already very bad. In addition, cheap electric toothbrushes are limited by cost, and the quality is difficult to guarantee, which may often cause damage to the bristles and even the handle. In this way, it is better to buy high-quality electric toothbrushes from the beginning toothbrush.

In this way, cheap electric toothbrushes are not only ineffective in cleaning teeth but are also the culprit of oral problems. They are very irritating to the teeth and gums. In the short term, they may cause bleeding and tooth soreness. In the long run, they can even wear the teeth and gums. It is usually not easy to detect, but the damage caused is irreversible. I regret not buying a good electric toothbrush until I notice it, which seriously affects my oral health.

Three standards for high-quality electric toothbrushes

Can cheap electric toothbrushes work? I have made it clear to everyone, why not recommend buying it. Let me introduce to you the three major standards of high-quality electric toothbrushes:

1. The vibration frequency of electric toothbrushes is generally defined as between 20,000 and 40,000 per minute.

Here I want to clarify a misunderstanding: Although the higher the vibration frequency, the better the cleanliness, but the higher the vibration frequency is not the better. On the contrary, too high a vibration frequency can cause excessive irritation to the gums and enamel of the teeth, which can easily cause tooth sensitivity and damage the enamel over time.

2. The rounding rate of the brush head should exceed 90%

In addition to the uniform characteristics, the parts and appearance of the electric toothbrush should be as smooth as possible, without burrs and sharp edges. Its shape should not cause harm to the human body. In addition, the rounding rate of electric toothbrushes is generally not less than 90%.

3. Excellent cleaning power and outstanding tooth care experience must be achieved at the same time

This is a point overlooked by many brands. It is not difficult to achieve excellent cleaning power. The difficult thing is to achieve an excellent gum and tooth protection experience with high-intensity cleaning power. Many so-called big brands are like small electric drills. Although the cleaning power is ok, the damage to the teeth is very serious.

The correct use of electric toothbrushes

When choosing a high-quality electric toothbrush, the next step is to master the correct use method, which can also greatly reduce the damage to the teeth:

1. Pay attention to the angle and duration of brushing your teeth

When in use, first align the bristles with the gingival sulcus at a 45-degree angle, and on each side. Brush the upper teeth with the bristles facing down, and brush the lower teeth with the bristles facing up. You can brush the teeth, occlusal surface, and the outside first. There is no order, as long as you brush carefully, the residence time and the cleaning effect are all right. It should be noted that each brushing time cannot be less than two minutes.

2. The brush head needs to be replaced regularly

Every time the electric toothbrush is used up, more or less some toothpaste will remain on it, and the environment where it is stored is relatively humid, which may become a “paradise” for bacteria. Therefore, if the brush head is cleaned or replaced irregularly, it will pose a certain threat to human health. It should be replaced at least once every quarter. If the budget is sufficient, it can be replaced every other month. At the same time, the toothbrush needs to be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Therefore, the brush head of the toothbrush cannot be replaced after the bristles are worn out or down.

3. Choose the corresponding brushing mode for different tooth conditions

Electric toothbrushes generally have multiple brushing modes, and many users do not replace them after getting used to one. This is incorrect. The condition of the teeth will change according to the individual’s circumstances. For example, when there is inflammation, the lower frequency comfort mode is better to protect the teeth.

Can cheap electric toothbrushes work? I believe that after reading this article, everyone has the answer in their minds. I hope everyone can take good care of their oral teeth, choose high-quality electric toothbrushes, and don’t let cheap products harm our oral cavity. We must know that many injuries are irreversible!

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