Can I repair my electric toothbrush by myself?

Nowadays, electric toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular. Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be various minor faults, which will cause them to be unusable. If you go directly to replace the new toothbrush, it will be very costly. If you can repair it yourself, you can save money. Why not do it. Let me introduce the troubleshooting methods of electric toothbrushes.

Why does the brush head not rotate?

There are many reasons for this failure. First, it should be distinguished whether the electric toothbrush does not rotate due to the motor itself or the circuit, or is forced to stop due to too much mechanical resistance or too small motor torque. You can first unscrew the brush head (assembly) in the shutdown state, and then close the switch to see if the motor rotates. If it can be rotated, it means that the resistance of the brush head is mostly too high. You can check whether the rotating brush head is stuck by foreign objects. After disassembling, check the transmission structure. If there is no blockage or obvious resistance, it indicates that the fault lies in the motor itself (not rotating due to insufficient torque) or in the circuit.

Solution: Due to the simple circuit of the electric toothbrush, you can usually see the circuit failure or poor contact with the naked eye. The key point is to check whether the contact reeds, including the reeds of the power switch, are in good contact. After finding the open circuit or poor contact, you only need to replace the contact reed or remove the dirt on the contact reed (spring), re-bend the angle of the reed, and keep the contact in good condition.

How to solve the problem that the electric toothbrush rotates slowly?

Solution: 1. Charge in time if the power is insufficient.

2. Disassemble and check: Poke the electric toothbrush from the bottom, insert it into the charging port of the toothbrush base with a knife, and pull it out while turning it to the left, so that the sealing cover of the toothbrush is pulled out, or remove the toothbrush head. Press it underground and the same will come out.

3. If the brush head is pressed down, the weaker it is, and the stronger the vibration is when the brush head is pulled up, then it is the problem of the gap between the magnets. There is a screw behind the red coil. After removing the screw, pull down the red coil so that there is enough gap between it and the magnet, and then tighten the screw to fix the problem. There are screws behind the red coil in the picture. After removing the screw, pull the red coil down. Leave enough space between it and the magnet, then tighten the screws to fix it, and reassemble the toothbrush.

What should I do if the electric toothbrush cannot be charged?

 Reason : It may be caused by a long time of use, the poor contact of the interface, or the bad contact between the battery contact pins and the metal contact piece on the battery. Due to weather or long-term use, a thin film is formed on the surface of the two, which affects the conductivity.

Solution: It is recommended to clean the interface or try another one.

What to do if the electric toothbrush starts suddenly?

 Reason analysis: it may be a short circuit in the water

 Solution: 1. Use a triangular piece to pry open the bottom cover around the bottom. The bottom cover is buckled and does not need to be rotated.

2. After the bottom is opened, press the triangle piece against the head, push out the internal original and remove the rubber sleeve for quick drying.

3. Wipe it lightly with a paper towel, and then use a hairdryer to dry it with low temperature or cold air.

4. After drying, put the original back in, push it against the black part at the bottom, there will be a feeling of shortening of the spring part, and press the bottom cover according to the index.

 Fault 1: Vibration intensity will be weakened. Solution: The toothbrush is pressed strongly on the teeth, and the function of preventing strong pressure is activated. Place the toothbrush gently on the teeth.

Fault 2: Even if it is used immediately after charging, the toothbrush can only work for a short period.

Solution 1: It is not placed on the charger vertically and cannot be charged. Place the main body vertically so that its bottom is in contact with the charger base, and confirm that the charging indicator light is on. Solution 2: The battery has reached the end of its service life. (About 3 years) Take the product to an authorized repair center to replace the battery. (Don’t try to replace the battery yourself, so as not to damage the waterproof performance or internal structure of the product.)

Solution 3: Charging time is not enough, charge the body for at least 15 hours.

Fault 3: The toothbrush does not work. Solution: You have just purchased or have not used this product for more than 3 months, and you must charge it for at least 15 hours.

Fault 4: The direction of movement of the toothbrush changes, and the toothbrush head moves from side to side.

Solution: This is not a fault. First, remove the toothbrush head and then put it back in the correct position.

Fault 5: The toothbrush is not working properly, such as unstable vibration.

Solution: Put the body back on the charger for at least 15 hours, and then check whether it is working properly.

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