The Facts About Tartar Removal

Tartar Removal by professional teeth cleaning services can be your way to maintaining your overall oral hygiene. Tartar is the sticky deposit that forms around teeth, which hardens into plaque and can be difficult to remove without professional cleaning services. Tartar is formed as a result of food that has not been thoroughly digested and bacteria that has not been completely cleared from the mouth. The longer this bacteria is allowed to remain in the mouth, the more tartar will build up. Tartar can cause:

Why is tartar removal so important? Tartar can damage your teeth, gums, and even the underlying bone if it is allowed to become too severe. Without prompt dental care, tartar can lead to Gum inflammation. Bad breath. Missing teeth.

Tartar Removal by professional teeth cleaning services can be a simple, painless process in which the technician will use a wire brush to carefully loosen and lift away the tartar. Sometimes it is possible to have the brushing procedure done in the dental office where the patient will just need to wait while the technician removes the deposits with a wire brush. The patient will then be given a special mouthwash that will help remove any remaining plaque that remains. The enamel on the teeth will most likely be whitened as well as some of the tartar is removed. This process usually takes one to two hours to perform.

Two methods for effective tartar removal are scaling and drilling. Scaling involves using liquid chemicals to dissolve the hardened deposits and allow them to flow out of the teeth. Drilling involves the mechanical removal of small amounts of calculus. This process is most recommended for patients that grind their teeth at night or for those that have extremely sensitive gums.

If enamel and calculus cannot be successfully removed through any method that your dentist may choose to use for tartar removal, your dentist may recommend the use of an ultrasonic device. An ultrasonic device works by emitting sound waves that are slightly higher than normal human hearing ranges. These sound waves are enough to destroy small clumps of tartar without damaging surrounding healthy teeth.

If you are interested in Tartar Removal but are unsure whether it is best to have it performed by a dentist or by a dental cleaning service, you should speak with a professional who will be able to give you the best advice. Some dentists may only perform the removal of tartar through surgical means while other dentists may recommend the use of a low-level ultrasonic device or even a special mouth rinse to help prevent further buildup. No matter which method your dentist uses or what options you feel are right for you, always contact your dentist before having any kind of dental cleaning procedure done. Your dentist will be able to tell you whether Tartar Removal is an option that is right for your specific case or not.

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