U-shape children’s training electric toothbrush

When the child is 2 years old, he should start to guide the child to brush his teeth. First of all, you need to find a toothbrush that fits and works well for him.

1. Ordinary children’s toothbrush

Advantages: common in the market, affordable, and many options are available.

Insufficient: If the brushing method is improper or the brushing time is insufficient, the plaque cannot be effectively removed, and the teeth cannot be cleaned completely. Especially the baby’s deciduous teeth and periodontal tissues are relatively tender, and the unbalanced force when brushing teeth may also cause damage to the gums.

2. Ordinary children’s electric toothbrush

Advantages: The electric toothbrush‘s brushing frequency, timing function, and cleaning strength are more in place, which can effectively clean the teeth.

Disadvantages: The toothbrush heads of ordinary children’s electric toothbrushes are the same as ordinary toothbrushes. They also need the correct brushing method and brushing time. Most babies will not concentrate on brushing their teeth and will not operate the toothbrush correctly to make it correctly. To finish brushing the teeth, so the baby can’t clean the teeth more efficiently with ordinary electric toothbrushes.

3. Children’s electric U-shaped toothbrush

Advantages: Children’s electric U-shaped toothbrush, the brush head is U-shaped, biting it in your mouth, it can wrap the upper and lower teeth well, as long as you gently shake the toothbrush left and right, you can brush your teeth. Moreover, there are many bristles and good wrapping, which greatly shortens the brushing time.

Insufficiency: The quality of similar products in the market varies from good to bad, and it is necessary to improve the ability to distinguish.

From what point of view is the U-shaped toothbrush reliable?

1. Toothbrush material

For your baby, you must choose a toothbrush with a moderate handle, which is convenient for the baby to brush his teeth and can control the body. Also, choose a U-shaped toothbrush for children with the right side of the brush head and soft bristles but with certain cleaning power.

The material of the brush head and bristles that directly touch the baby’s mouth is particularly important. Be sure to choose a transparent, non-toxic, food-grade, medical-grade liquid silicone material.

Some U-shaped toothbrushes use colored solid silicone brush heads to look good and attract children, which not only contain sulfides but may also add pigments during the production process. It is not recommended to choose them.

2. 45° design of bristles

Because it is a full-wrapped cleaning, unlike ordinary toothbrushes, you can manually adjust the brushing angle. Choose the 45° design bristles that conform to the Pap brushing method, you can brush the concealed blind areas such as alveolar, interdental gap, etc., and truly achieve full cavity cleaning!

3. Toothbrush function

Toothbrush functions are not as many as possible. U-shaped toothbrushes on the market are mixed. Personally, after comparing several children’s U-shaped toothbrushes, I found that the function points of the Deep Love Smart U-shaped toothbrush are more representative.

✔Easy to use: It does not require too many buttons, the one-button operation is more convenient for the baby to use, and the voice teaching also improves the baby’s interest in brushing teeth.

✔Cleaning power: The bristles on the inside and outside of the brush head are 45°, and there are 90° bottom bristles, which can not only clean the teeth in all directions but also the oral cavity can be effectively cleaned.

✔ Worry-free: Simulate the Pap brushing method, so that after the baby gently bites the brush head, each bristle is automatically aligned with the best angle of each toothbrush. The baby only needs to shake the toothbrush left and right, which greatly increases the baby’s use The fault tolerance rate of the toothbrush.

✔Safety: The brush head is made of food-grade silicone imported from Japan, the body is waterproof, and it is disinfected with ultraviolet rays, making it safer for babies to use.

Based on the comprehensive consideration of material, bristles, and function, the selected U-shaped toothbrush for children is more suitable for babies to use~

For children using U-line toothbrushes, many family members have the following two concerns:

• 1. Does the U-shaped toothbrush damage the teeth?

• When using an ordinary electric toothbrush, the strength is controlled by yourself. If a child is too small, it is easy to cause gum bleeding due to excessive strength, or use the wrong brushing method to cause damage to the teeth and gums. Relevant data shows that the frequency of more than 15,000 times a minute will have a certain impact on the children’s oral cavity, and severely will cause the gums to loosen and the teeth to fall. And the amplitude of the two-speed mode of the Deep Love Smart U-shaped toothbrush is 8000rpm-15000rpm, which not only has efficient cleaning power but also is safer.

• 2. Does the concert of a U-shaped toothbrush affect my baby’s ability to brush his teeth?

• Some parents worry that the voice function of the toothbrush will harm the baby’s toothbrushing. In the process of using it for my baby, the voice and music function is an excellent function to make my baby the fastest to accept brushing. Instead of the parents talking endlessly on the side, it is better to let the cute children’s voices and interesting brushing songs attract the baby’s attention.

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