How to Clean Your Electric Toothbrush: Base, Handle and Hands

If you have been using the electric toothbrush for some time, you may wonder how to clean it the right way. You may think about cleaning the base, the handle, and the heads.

It’s hard to consider different ways of cleaning the electric toothbrush, but you have to see what works best for you.

When you are busy, it’s easy to let go of your oral health. What’s important is that you take care of the basics. Indulge in a healthy lifestyle and use the right toothbrush for your health. Also, focus on the cleanliness that involves cleaning your electric toothbrush.

If you want to know how to clean your electric toothbrush, keep reading.


Tips On Cleaning The Electric Toothbrush

Though an electric toothbrush is automatic and makes cleaning your teeth easy for you, it also requires cleanliness so that you can use it for years.

If you notice gunk on your electric toothbrush, it’s time to clean it up.

According to wikiHow, you must separate the different parts of your electric toothbrush so that you would know the source of the gunk. Also, make sure you are not using the electric toothbrush while charging. So, make sure you separate each piece and see what needs a thorough cleaning.

If you’re not cleaning your electric toothbrush thoroughly every day, there can be a buildup of toothpaste! It can even include your spit and some water. It could lead to bacterial growth, and soon you’ll see mold on it. To avoid all the hassle, always clean your toothbrush correctly.

Inspect each part of your electric toothbrush and use a cotton bud to reach the areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

Now, how you want to clean the brush head depends on your choice. For example, some people may prefer mixing one part of bleach with ten parts of water. Then they would mix the solution and submerge the toothbrush head in this mixture for one hour.

If you are not happy with using the bleach and water solution, you can opt for a water and vinegar solution as you may not find bleach safe. Here you would go for two tablespoons of vinegar in a half cup of water. Submerge the brush head for thirty minutes.

The next step involves rinsing the brush head thoroughly with warm water and then letting it dry whatever method you try. Finally, make sure you store it correctly so that it stays clean.

Ideally, focus on cleaning your electric toothbrush thoroughly daily. Doing so can make it easier to clean it, and you can also increase the life cycle of the electric toothbrush.

For cleaning the handle, you have to avoid submerging. Instead, you can use a cotton swab, cotton cloth, or even a paper towel. First, slightly dip the cotton swab in soapy water or the solutions you made for the brush head and clean the brush handle. Then dip the cotton swab in clean water and clean the handle again. Finally, dry the handle thoroughly.

It’s best if you store your electric toothbrush correctly every day after cleaning your teeth. After that, it all comes down to how you handle and maintain cleanliness!

For cleaning the base or areas that are hard to reach, you can try using the cotton bud. First, you have to see what cleaning method works best for you and try different ways to find the most viable option. It would be easy once you get the idea of what works best to maintain the electric toothbrushes’ cleanliness.

Some people may also use a toothbrush sanitizer. You can also ask your dentist to suggest the best way to clean your electric toothbrush. Your dentist can also guide you on how to brush your teeth correctly.

It all comes down to what type of method is suitable for you. First, you have to see what’s the most viable option. Cleaning may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Try different cleaning methods to see what works best for you. Also, share in the comments. If you are aware of a new and easy way, you can let others know about it.

Tips to Keep In Mind for Oral Health

Your oral health is essential. It’s not fun to take it for granted. You need to invest in the right tools for your oral health. Ask your dentist to guide you on the type of toothbrush that would be suitable for your health.

Consider the following;

  • Although there are many toothbrushes available on the market, it’s always best to ask your dentist to suggest you a reliable brand. Your dentist knows what’s better for your oral health.
  • Instead of getting the manual cheap plastic toothbrush, you can consider getting the bamboo toothbrush. It’s a viable option if you care about the environment’s well-being.
  • Consume a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essentials of life! Drink enough water and sleep on time. Sometimes it’s about the basics. It would be best to focus on the basics, and everything else would fall in its place.
  • Find information on the brands for the electric toothbrush. There is a wide variety available on the market. Read reviews from other customers to get an idea of what other people share about their experience.
  • Find other products for your oral health. For example, use floss or maybe get water floss. The goal here is to keep your mouth clean, so you have to see the most viable option available to you.

Wrapping It Up

Cleaning your electric toothbrush may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. First, you must maintain cleanliness every day. Then, clean your electric toothbrush thoroughly each day to be easy for you to improve its life cycle. Also, when you buy the electric toothbrush, please read the instructions on how to clean it the right way. Finally, ask your dentist to recommend you a reliable electric toothbrush brand.

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