How to Maintain Oral Hygiene When You Travel

Planning to travel soon? Don’t forget to take your oral hygiene routine with you.

Dental emergencies are never a good idea, even if maintaining good dental care becomes more difficult as your days become busier. When you’re away from home, you may be unable to access your oral health care.

Whenever you are packing for a short city break or a long trip, always be well prepared. This also means taking care of dental supplies too. You should always make sure to keep all supplies in handy and not rely on the destination. Since it’s not possible every time to get to the stores and buy what you need when in a new place.

Here are some dental hygiene tips to maintain good oral health while traveling:

See your dentist before leaving

Make sure it’s on your to-do list before you leave. You should also allow time for follow-up checks. In case you’re undergoing dental treatments or use an oral appliance, a dental checkup is more crucial.

Additionally, you might want to ask your dentist for recommendations of dental professionals in the area where you will be traveling. This will ensure you are well informed about your dental health. In case something happens, you can always be well prepared to follow up with a dentist abroad. (if your dental checkups are covered)

Find out what your dental insurance covers

Find out which services are covered by your dental insurance if you travel abroad. Be sure to record emergency contact information. Data on offices and practitioners who accept your insurance may also be available.

Even if it is a bit expensive, do buy the dental coverage. You may never know how bad tooth pain can ruin your entire vacation. Never compromise on your health and always be ready for unseen circumstances.

Pack your supplies

Don’t forget to bring your dental kit. You should always keep a spare toothbrush on hand just in case you forget your current toothbrush or lose it. Depending on where you travel, you may have difficulty reaching a store.

Having dental supplies on hand keeps you from forgetting essentials. Like a particular tool for your appliance that can be hard to locate elsewhere.

Medications, such as pain relievers, might also be useful to pack. This will make sure you manage you tooth pain until you get professional help.

Dry your toothbrush

It may not always be possible to do this. But when you can, leave your toothbrush to air dry before storing it back in your luggage.

A wet toothbrush can host harmful bacteria, which you can transfer to your mouth when you brush. This will not affect you immediately. But when you keep on doing this, long-term infections can happen.

Use safe drinking water

For brushing your teeth, only use water that you would drink. If you are uncertain about the quality and safety of the water source, you should use bottled water instead.

When you run out of toothpaste, you can still brush, but you must use clean water. Otherwise, you might get ill. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a health emergency.

Minimize intake of starchy or sugary food

There is nothing wrong with going on a gastronomic tour. You will not want to miss out on the chance to try genuine local treats or dishes. However, you should not graze throughout the day.

Keeping your teeth healthy also means limiting your intake of sugary and starchy foods. These foods can linger on them longer, be harder to remove and attract harmful bacteria that can lead to decay and plaque.

Drink plenty of water

If you cannot brush or floss after meals, skip the sugary or acidic beverages and drink plain water instead.

Water is beneficial to the mouth as it rinses away debris, keeps it moist, neutralizes acid levels, doesn’t stain teeth, and reduces bad breath.


We cannot emphasize how important flossing is. Especially when you are on the go. When you travel and don’t want to carry your dental kit when exploring the city, make sure to carry floss. Floss ensures a quick clean-up for your teeth when you munch on foods throughout the day. It keeps your gum and the space between your teeth clean.


An unexpected dental health issue can put an end to a long-awaited adventure. One of the scariest things is going to a dentist who doesn’t speak your language in an undeveloped country. These are the most important tips for dental care while traveling. If you are eager to keep your smile positively sparkling while on the road.

Maintain good oral hygiene practices, drink safe water, store and clean your toothbrush safely. Use travel-sized dental products such as toothpaste pods.

Whenever you’re done checking off all these oral care tips for travelers, don’t forget to call your dentist and schedule a checkup when you get back home.

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