What are the Selling Points of Toothbrushes?

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, choosing a toothbrush is an important decision. We can’t just decide all of a sudden without thinking about it, that’s for sure. The right toothbrush can make or break our oral and dental health. These, in turn, affect our overall physical, emotional, and mental health. If that doesn’t make it essential, I don’t know what does. 

That said, how do we choose the right toothbrush for us when there are so many different kinds and brands of toothbrushes out there in the market? There are manual and powered toothbrushes and soft and hard-bristled ones, not to mention all the various features every brand shows us. All these create a dilemma for consumers who want nothing more than to brush their teeth with the right equipment.

Figuring out the selling point of toothbrushes helps us understand what makes a toothbrush attractive to customers. This comprehension will, in turn, help us know what we want from a toothbrush, as well as what we expect from it. Here are some of the selling points of toothbrushes:


It doesn’t take much to be able to say that a toothbrush has quality—it just needs to be effective in cleaning our teeth and gums. For one, manual toothbrush bristles need to be as soft or as hard as advertised. For another, manual toothbrush handles need to belong and are easy to grip for easier brushing. They also need to be strong enough to not break even with the most vigorous brushing. In addition, the toothbrush head has to be small enough for comfort and efficiency. After all, it needs to reach several difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies inside our mouths. 

On the other hand, electric toothbrushes need to be safe as well as effective. As we know, electric toothbrushes are the better option for those who have arthritis and other manual dexterity issues. Several researchers have also said that power brushes are especially helpful in gently removing bacteria biofilm, which is a cause of bad breath, staining, gum disease, and bleeding gums. If it’s as effective as your dentist says it is, then it’s a good quality product. 

Since it would be counterproductive and frankly ridiculous to test products first just to find the one with the best quality, it would be best if you use the toothbrush that comes recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). You can also use ones that are recommended to you by your dentist.


Price is usually one of the most crucial selling points of toothbrushes. It’s also something that differentiates power from manual toothbrushes. Most people who want to save money go for the cheaper one– the manual toothbrush. Sure, some people argue that getting the power toothbrush helps save money on dentist fees down the road since it is very effective. However, it is also important to note that manual brushing is just as good when done right. 

The price of toothbrushes is also another factor. Between two manual toothbrushes that are both ADA approved and soft/hard-bristled (as preferred), the price will jump in and help the customer decide which one is a better bargain. This is also the same with electric toothbrushes. If one looks the same as the other, works the same way, and both are ADA approved, the price will most likely break the tie and become the deciding factor. 

Design and Packaging

Another selling point to consider is the design of the equipment. This is especially true for power brushes designed for kids. Children below the age of six aren’t all that nimble yet, so they won’t be able to use the manual toothbrush effectively. This makes them the best market for electric toothbrushes. 

Most kiddie dental health care equipment has unique features and attractive designs that help kids grow to like the brushing routine. Some even have an accompanying app that’ll help teach them how to brush their teeth in a very motivational way. The designs on the equipment also include fan-favorite cartoon characters and such so that they’d be attractive to potential buyers. 

Lastly, since toothbrushes come in vacuum packages, the only way to perceive the product is to see it. If it’s packaged right with the most attractive design and color as well as helpful information about the product on the outside, then it’s probably going to be incredibly hard to resist it. 


Advertising is a time-tested way of getting people to buy stuff, even oral dental healthcare products. If a toothbrush is advertised and the consumers see them on TV or social media, endorsed by their favorite celebrity, then they’re most likely going to buy that product. Suppose it’s a brand of toothbrush that successfully grabbed a spot in the Super Bowl, the only time where ads are most looked forward to by consumers. In that case, the brand will be remembered by many potential customers so that when they need to replace their toothbrushes, they’re most likely going to look for that same toothbrush first. 

In much the same way, word of mouth is just as effective. If a friend says something good about a toothbrush, we will remember it, and we will buy that toothbrush the next time we’re in the supermarket. A congregation of mothers can also be extremely helpful in advertising a product since they usually share life and kid-hacks with other mothers. 


Marketing strategies nowadays are massively successful in creating a brand identity for their products that a lot of people get influenced by the brand name in their consumer decisions. After several years of successful quality checks and marketing, brands become extremely trustworthy. 

This is how, for the most part, loyal people who have had a good customer relationship with a brand will always pick that brand over other brands, no matter the cost. They’re probably not even going to think about the bristle, handle, design, or price because they’re going to trust that since their brand has never failed them before, it’s probably not going to start failing them now.

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