How to use electric toothbrushes properly?

Many people say that electric toothbrushes are lazy artifacts. Unlike manual toothbrushes, which need to be rubbed and cleaned by ourselves, electric toothbrushes vibrate by themselves, and all we have to do is move. Electric toothbrushes save your strength, but the oral cleaning effect cannot be discounted. The cleaning effect of an electric toothbrush depends on whether the user uses it correctly. Many people who use electric toothbrushes for the first time do not know the correct way to use them. Let me introduce the use of electric toothbrushes.

1. Install the brush head correctly: When installing the brush head, make sure that the brush head is tightly fitted into the toothbrush shaft to avoid loosening the brush head.

2. Before using an electric toothbrush, pay attention to soaking the brush head in warm water to adjust the softness of the bristles. If you have sensitive teeth, it is best to use soft bristles.

3. The toothpaste is squeezed into the bristles. In the process of squeezing the toothpaste, to avoid the toothpaste from splashing around, it is best to squeeze the right amount of toothpaste to the center of the bristles.

4. Although using an electric toothbrush does not require too much brushing skills. But how to brush teeth effectively is also a problem you need to pay attention to. Divide your teeth into four areas, upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right. When brushing your teeth, start with the weakest area, the front teeth, and pull it back and forth, taking care not to use much force. After the toothpaste foams, turn on the electric switch, apply moderate force after the brush head vibrates, and start brushing from the front teeth to the back teeth. Brush each section for about 30 seconds, and all teeth can be cleaned in two minutes.

5. If the electric toothbrush you buy has a tongue scraper, use it well. After brushing the teeth, place the scraping on the further reachable point on the back of the tongue. Apply gentle pressure and pull the scrape forward toward the tip of the tongue. The scraper should not hurt. Rinse the scraper with warm water after the first pass. The scraper can help thoroughly clean the tongue and make the oral healthier and cleaner.

6. The cleaning of an electric toothbrush is much more convenient and sanitary than an ordinary manual toothbrush. After brushing your teeth, but the brush head in the water, turn on the electric switch, shake it a few times, and tap the brush head to remove the residue. Remove residue and toothpaste from the bristles.

 Manual toothbrushes only have one mode. The electric toothbrush is quite different, it has the Morning and evening mode. Good morning mode allows you to quickly clean your teeth, not be late for work, and start your day clean. Good night mode gentle massage function, the whole night clean teeth, so that the mouth can also comfortably sleep.

Daily maintenance:

Don’t use it until it’s fully charged. Each charge should be sufficient for the time marked on the product.

Do not put the electric toothbrush at a high temperature, or long exposure to the sun.

Wash the toothbrush thoroughly after each use. Store your toothbrush in an upright position, if possible, and allow it to air dry until using it again.

If the bristles have changed or lost their elasticity, replace them as soon as possible. If they are used daily, replace them once every three months.

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