The development of electric toothbrushes

The first electric toothbrush invented by Philips was an expensive medical device. With the continuous updating of electric toothbrushes, today it has become more and more people’s daily necessities for cleaning teeth. Throughout the development history of electric toothbrushes, we can see that human Creative improvement.

Demands are changing day by day, performance is still “incomplete”

The term “electric toothbrush” first appeared in the 19th century. At that time, Dr. Scott from the United Kingdom defined the toothbrush he invented as an “electric toothbrush.” There is a magnet rod built into the handle. Although the name is not true, this idea laid the embryonic form of an electric toothbrush.

Until 1954, Swiss dentist Philips created the first true electric toothbrush and named it Broxodent. Although the maneuvering principle of this toothbrush was still simple, its birth was the enlightenment of a real electric toothbrush. Because the high price of electric toothbrushes at that time discouraged ordinary people, they did not gain widespread popularity, but were only used as medical devices.

Since then, many generations of dentists and technicians have continued to work hard, hoping to optimize electric toothbrushes as people’s daily necessities, to better clean the mouth, and to reduce the number of visits to dental clinics as much as possible. This also includes the state of Delaware in the United States. Dr. Alexa Geraldine, the fourth-generation head of Geraldine Dental Clinic. In 1998, he began planning and established the Geraldine Personal Care Institute (Geraldine Personal Care Institute), aiming to develop more scientific, more convenient and effective oral cleaning and care tools. This is the professional personal care brand GEVILAN from the United States. The predecessor.

Recently, GEVILAN launched a new electric toothbrush product-the sterile electric toothbrush G1, which seems to have pushed the electric toothbrush into a new era-the “sterile” era of toothbrushes.

The standard “sterilization cabin” allows the toothbrush to enter the “sterile” era

As soon as this disinfecting electric toothbrush was launched, it immediately aroused enthusiasm. Because people suddenly realized a blind spot: the toothbrush is easy to leave dirt when it is used at the entrance, and it is undoubtedly a “hotbed” for bacteria to grow when it is placed in a humid bathroom environment all the year round. In fact, your toothbrush is much dirtier than your teeth, but you are using it to clean your teeth!

And GEVILAN, the standard toothbrush with disinfection chamber, starts the UV disinfection function with one button and stops automatically in 5 minutes. After professional third-party testing, it can kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the brush head.

The principle is actually to use the appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet light to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microorganisms, causing growth cell death and/or regenerative cell death to achieve sterilization. Effect.

In addition to the advantages of one-button disinfection, the disinfecting electric toothbrush GEVILAN also has iterative improvements in other aspects.

Clean and tidy home, portable for travel

This sterile electric toothbrush uses a newer, more miniature, higher-performance motor, and its volume is only 2/3 of that of an ordinary sonic toothbrush. It is compact and easy to store.

Although it is small in size, it has strong power, with a more powerful vibration frequency of 38000-41000 times per minute, strong cleaning power, and has three cleaning modes: sensitive/cleaning/whitening, and its performance is impeccable.

In addition, this toothbrush is also equipped with a magnetic wall mount for “suspending storage.” After brushing your teeth, suck it lightly, the toothbrush can be easily mounted on the wall, and the bathroom will be more tidy and beautiful.

Its standard disinfection chamber is also an exquisite storage cover, which is easy to carry with you. It only occupies the space of two lipsticks, and only the weight of a small car remote control key, which kills the bulky travel case of other electric toothbrushes.

The appearance is light and luxurious, and the connotation is black technology

This toothbrush also has an innovative function-SST somatosensory start-stop mode, which is to control the start and stop of the toothbrush by forming an electrical circuit through the human body, the induction zone on the toothbrush handle and the brush head. In SST mode, it does not vibrate after turning on, and the toothbrush starts to vibrate cleaning after it touches the gums. This perfectly solves the problem of toothpaste splashing before and during mouthwashing. It is very smart!

At the same time, while the toothbrush forms an electrical circuit with the human body, it releases bionic micro-currents, which gently stimulates the gums, promotes periodontal blood circulation, eliminates inflammation, and improves oral health.

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