Floss can reduce the incidence of dental disease

How to avoid dental disease, dental floss plays a role in daily health care.

1. Compared with toothpicks, dental floss can clean the tooth surface and pick out the impacted food. It is mostly made of nylon thread, silk thread, polyester thread, or waxed cotton thread, generally, 30 to 75 sticks are firm and smooth The correct use of dental floss is the main measure to prevent periodontal disease. It can also prevent tooth decay and decay.

2. The toothbrush can only brush 70% of the teeth, and the toothbrush cannot clean the two teeth. The accumulation of dirt throughout the year is an important cause of bad breath and dental diseases.

3. Dental floss can easily enter between teeth and bring out impaction and dirt. It is an effective way to remove plaque, soft dirt, and food residues between teeth and roots. The cleaning effect of dental floss on the adjacent surfaces of teeth is better than that of toothbrushes or toothpicks, oral hygiene will be significantly improved, and the pain caused by stuffed teeth and diseases caused by dirt will be greatly reduced.

4. If the dental floss is used correctly, it can not only effectively keep the adjacent surface of the teeth clean, but also can effectively remove some food impacted on the adjacent surface without damaging the gums. If combined with tooth brushing, the oral cavity can be kept clean and healthy.

5. Dental floss has little damage to the gums and is safer. However, it should be gentle when using it. It can be pressed into the bottom of the sulcus to clean the sulcus area, but not into the tissues below the bottom of the sulcus to prevent bleeding, pain, and other symptoms of the gums.

6. Of course, don’t put all your treasures on dental floss. In addition to using dental floss to prevent periodontal disease, you should brush your teeth regularly, use fluoride toothpaste, limit snacks, and sugary drinks, and see your dentist twice a year.

How to use dental floss correctly

First, we need to take out a piece of dental floss (take out a dental floss stick) and put the dental floss into the gap between the teeth, first use the dental floss to gently move it back and forth in the gap between the teeth on the left, and then pull it out. Put it back into the gap between the teeth and clean the right side of the gap (each tooth needs to be cleaned twice on the left and right sides). If your teeth are dirtier, you can replace multiple dental flosses at one time until all The teeth are cleaned.

There is no harm in the use of dental floss, as long as you master the method of use (when using dental floss, do not put too much force between the teeth to avoid damaging the gums) (at the same time, flossing is almost 1-2 times a day, Don’t need too many times) Frequent flossing can make your teeth healthier.

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