Three main differences between children’s electric toothbrushes and adults

Many parents choose to buy electric toothbrushes in order to help their children develop a good habit of brushing their teeth. However, electric toothbrushes are divided into personal and child models. At first glance, there is not much difference between the actual adult and children electric toothbrushes. What is the difference between a children’s electric toothbrush and an adult’s?

1. The difference in the bristles of the brush head

The difference in bristles is the most important. Adult electric toothbrush bristles are suitable for harder bristles, and children are suitable for super soft bristles.

Different brands of adult electric toothbrushes have their own characteristics in the design of the brush head, and most of the bristles choose harder bristles. Because children’s oral conditions are relatively special, a smaller design will be used on the brush head, and the selection of bristles will focus on anti-bacterial and softness. For example, many children’s electric toothbrushes use antibacterial super soft bristles, which can resist 99% bacteria, the top of the brush head is rounded to fit the gums, making brushing safer.

2. The vibration mode is different

The difference between sonic electric toothbrushes. The vibration frequency of children’s sonic electric toothbrush is about 18,000 times per minute, and the vibration frequency of adults is about 30,000 times per minute; the vibration frequency of children’s silicone brush head is about 8,000 times per minute, and the vibration frequency of adults is about 11,000 times per minute. .

As the teeth of adults have matured, they will pursue high-quality brushing effects. The frequency of adult sonic toothbrushes is about 30,000 times per minute, which can effectively remove plaque. Considering that children’s teeth have not yet developed Mature and young teeth, so in order not to put too much pressure on the teeth, the vibration frequency of the children’s sonic electric toothbrush is about 18,000 times per minute, which can ensure basic cleanliness while also bringing good comfort feel.

3 different designs

Adult toothbrushes generally tend to be simpler in the design of their homes. They generally look more stable and general, without too many bells and whistles. They are pursuing modern pure colorism, which is either black or white, and of course there is no shortage of them. Girl fan. The design of children’s toothbrushes is more interesting. In order to train children to fall in love with brushing teeth, manufacturers have also worked hard to make toothbrushes into a variety of cartoon images with diverse styles. Children will love it when they see it, every day. Holding and brushing teeth also solves the problem that children don’t like to brush their teeth.

In general: Compared with adult models, children’s electric toothbrushes differ in:

1. The bristles are softer. The soft bristles are suitable for children’s baby toothbrush teeth.

2. The brush head is smaller. Children’s oral environment is relatively small, so the design of the brush head must be small.

3. The vibration amplitude and frequency are smaller. The irritation is less, and of course the cleaning efficiency is also lower, but it can be compensated by increasing the brushing time.

The above three main differences between children’s electric toothbrushes and adults. When designing electric toothbrushes, manufacturers will give full consideration to people of different ages.

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