Why Switch to a Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush?

The new generation Bluetooth electric toothbrushes offer consumers several advanced and useful features. They are designed with advanced sensors for maximum performance and comfort as well as including other useful functions. The innovative electric brush is easy to use and comes with built-in sensors for speed and pressure detection. The brush is charged by making use of AC power supplied to it from the car’s battery, which ensures that you always get your recharge in time.

The new smart sonic technology helps you to clean more efficiently and at faster speeds. The advanced mobile applications enable you to use your brush from anywhere. You can be traveling or just near to your home charging your brush regularly. The Bluetooth electric toothbrush uses a smart sonic motion sensor to detect the toothbrush handle when you move the brush in any direction. The device operates in cooperation with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 technologies and communicates via Bluetooth.

Moreover, the advanced free programmable Smartonic technology makes the Bluetooth electric toothbrush even more fun to use and advanced. The free program enables you to choose between five modes that are ideal for your needs such as random speed, manual speed, pause, stop, speed increase, and repetition. The smart sonic motion sensor lets you know if you have brushed correctly by detecting the changes in vibrations. In this mode, the vibrations produced are more frequent, and so on. As you brush, the vibrations become louder and the software updates the information accordingly. The Smartonic Robot updates the data so that it can be known whether you have used all the bristles or not.

The built-in memory tells you how many times you brushed with the Bluetooth electric toothbrush or how many times you need to recharge it. This is vital for those who go through multiple users’ information. This helps improve your brushing habits by reminding you when you need to change your brush or re-charge it. The built-in alarm also reminds you about the amount of time left until you need to brush and whether you need to switch to another mode such as random speed mode. This prevents you from skipping your brushing which helps improve your brushing habits and ensures that you get the maximum benefit out of it.

The free Batteries Smartonic Robot provides users with the opportunity to connect their phones via Bluetooth to use the Bluetooth electric toothbrush without any problems. The free Batteries Smartonic app on the other hand enables the user to know how many times he/she has brushed, how many times he/she needs to recharge the brush, how many times he/she needs to rotate the brushes, and so on. This way, one can keep track of his/her Dr.’s perfect brushing habits on the phone and thus can easily track the benefits that the Sonicare brush has provided. Thus, this Dr.perfect app acts as an assistant which assists the user in tracking the number of brush rotations and recharge rates and thus monitors how many times one needs to brush.

Thus, with the Bluetooth smart technology embedded in this amazing Dr.perfect brush, users can also save a lot on their electric toothbrushes. The users can even save a lot more on their electric brush as they can also track their Dr.perfect brush’s charging rates on their phones. Hence, the Bluetooth electric toothbrush has truly brought a lot of relief to all those who are looking for innovative tools to maintain their oral hygiene.

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