How to Take Care of your Electric Toothbrush

Your electric toothbrush has cutting-edge cleaning technology. It magnificently eradicates plaque build-ups and stains on your teeth. On the other hand, when you cannot take care of its parts properly, it becomes less effective.

Unexpectedly, there are surprisingly horrible truths about the bristles of every toothbrush that you must pay attention to to achieve the healthiest smile. When you grasp your toothbrush in the morning, you are not aware of what is clinging to its bristles. Every time it is positioned in the mouth, it clutches bacteria and unwanted microorganisms. These microbes live for weeks on the surface of your electric toothbrush and will cause infections if you forgot to take care of it correctly.

Maybe, you do not give much thought to cleaning your electric toothbrush since it is a powerful tool to clean your mouth. The fact that you wash it before and after use does not make you disturbed by the millions of bacteria that it can hold.  However, rinsing it is not enough to kill these germs and viruses. Maybe, you overlook cleaning your electric toothbrush as you focus on a healthy diet and staying fit, but giving attention to things that assist us in our daily grooming activities will make us more fit and healthy.

Maintaining your electric toothbrush clean and taking care of it properly will avoid you from spending further amount. Here are the ultimate ways to take care of an electric toothbrush appropriately while it cares for you. You will wear your vigorous smile after acting upon these habits.

If it is your first time using an electric toothbrush, charge it for 16 hours.

First and foremost, take care of the battery of your electric toothbrush. Make it fully charge. This can take up to 16 hours. This will make it last longer.  Once it is fully charged, use your electric toothbrush until no charge is left. To help the battery perform at its best, always make it fully charged instead of charging in between use.

Rinse the brush head thoroughly.

The very first thing to do is to wash the bristles of your electric toothbrush. Do it before and after each use. After brushing, rinse the brush head while it is on. Then detach it and wash it separately. Clean it thoroughly with tap water to take away residue that usually gets stocked on the bristles. Tap off the water. Then wipe both brush head and handle with a clean towel. Let it dry completely before storing it inside a cabinet.

Soak the brush head in an antibacterial mouthwash.

Whether you are ill or not, go ahead and soak the head of your electric toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthwash. This is one of the ultimate ways to maintain the cleanliness of your electric toothbrush and to avoid infectious disease.

Put it in a UV-sanitizing device.

Store your electric toothbrush in a toothbrush holder with ultraviolet light. It sanitizes and kills microorganisms that linger on the bristles.

Never store it wet inside a cabinet or case.

To avoid bacteria foster, let your electric toothbrush dry completely before putting it in a cabinet, drawer, or case. Let the airflow in and circulate to prevent molds from building up.

Never place the electric toothbrush inside the toilet.

Aside from the fact that it might fall on the contaminated surfaces in the CR, it might also gain countless bacteria from the toilet seat that is left open. The bacterial particles that float in the air will settle on the different pieces of stuff in the CR like your electric toothbrush. This might bring you infectious diseases. To stay away from this harm, keep your electric toothbrush away from the toilet as far as possible. Better to put it in a UV sanitizer holder that is positioned out of the toilet.  

Change the brush head every three to four months.

Do not use the brush head beyond four months. Always replace the brush head in three to four months. When the bristles get frayed or the blue coat indicator in the bristles fades, immediately change the brush head.  Just pull it off the handle and snap on a new brush head.

Replace the brush head immediately when you have been ill.

Never let the bacteria cause reinfection. Throw the brush head immediately if you have been sick. Use a new one.

Treat your electric toothbrush as private and personal property.

Never share your powered toothbrush with anyone in the household. Each one must have his or her toothbrush. Sharing of toothbrushes is letting bacteria and saliva transfer that may cause illness and tooth decay. Tooth decay is one infectious disease.

Maintain the handle dry.

Wipe the handle regularly. Make it a habit to wipe off the handle with a wet towel to remove leftover toothpaste and other residues after brushing. Then, wipe it again with a dry and soft towel this time to keep it clean and dry. Do not submerge the handle in water or any disinfectant such as antibacterial mouthwash, hot water, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide solution, and baking soda or sodium bicarbonate solution. Only soak the brush head to completely sanitize the bristles and neck that enter into the mouth.

Do not over brush.

Dentists recommend only two minutes of brushing twice a day. Brushing beyond the recommended time will cause the bristles of your electric toothbrush to wear out. Hence, it becomes less effective when scouring on your teeth.

Do not forget to clean the charger with a damp cloth after unplugging it.

Maintain cleanliness and total sanitation by including the charger in your cleaning routine. Wipe it with a damp cloth after using. Store it in a clean and uncontaminated case, drawer or cabinet. This will avoid bacterial cross-contamination when you hold your charger and electric toothbrush simultaneously.

When you are on travel, never let moisture and dirt accumulate on the battery.

Always protect the battery of your electric toothbrush. When you go out to swim, secure your electric toothbrush in a travel case that will not let moisture and dirt enter.

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